• Open Range - Portrays the rancher/freegrazer conflict. Shows the small town society from several sides and is fairly realistic in costumes and props. And it's got some nice kills... On the downside: It's a Costner movie, and that says it all, really.
  • Lonesome Dove - A good story, good men's costumes, but looooong.
  • Unforgiven - A view of gunslingers, lawmen and prostitutes that's completely stripped of the romantic touches most movies heap on top of them.
  • Once Upon a Time in the West - Classic spaghetti western with some of the coolest antiheroes ever portrayed on film.
  • Tombstone - Good story, nice costumes of the less worn and rough kind, and a good description of events that were famous in 1887.
  • Maverick - Historically wildly inaccurate, and not very good costumewise either, but the story is a must see.
  • SIlverado - Gunfights, revenge, love, settlers, corrupt lawmen and oppressing ranchers. Silverado's got everything a good, entertaining western needs.
  • Young Guns I & II - It's hard to say what's the Truth about Billy the Kid, but these movies are at least true to the legend, which is known all over the States in '87.
  • The Magnificent Seven - Close to half a century old, and still one of the best westerns ever made. Lots of attitude and bravery, and not so heavy on the realism...



  • Lucky Luke - this gunslinger that we all know has been involved in almost every event in US history. All of you will find at least one album that's relevant to your character and your angle on the larp.
  • Blueberry - more gritty and realistic than the man who's faster than his own shadow, but the adventures of Lt Blueberry also give a good view of historical events.