(This information is what is true in Once Upon a Time)


  • The President of the United States is Grover Cleveland
  • The flag has 38 stars
  • The United States consists of 38 states and 9 Territories


  • To steal a horse is a hanging offence
  • To rob a train is a federal offence (you'll be wanted in all states and Territories)
  • To rob a bank is a federal offence (you'll be wanted in all states and Territories)
  • To rob a federal money transport is a federal offence (you'll be wanted in all states and Territories)
  • If you draw first in a duel and kill the opponent, it's considered murder. If you draw last and kill the opponent, it's considered self defence.
  • A Sheriff is elected by the inhabitants in a county and appointed by the Territorial Governor.


Famous and feared outlaws are:

  • John Wesley Hardin (at present time serving a 25 year sentence in Rusk Prison, Huntsville, Texas)
  • The Hangman - assumed to be the brain behind several large train and bank robberies. Rumour has it he used to be a US Marshal.
  • Black Bart (at present time serving a 6 year sentence in San Quentin Prison)
  • Harry Fox - ruthless and cunning gunman whose brutal crimes have been glorified in many Dime Novels.
  • Robert Leroy Parker (later known as Butch Cassidy)
  • Gabriel Bones - stone cold Dixie war veteran turned mercenary and hired killer.
  • Harry Longabaugh – famous horse thief – at present time on the run in Wyoming. (later known as the Sundance Kid)


  • Buffalo Bill - pony express rider, buffalo hunter, army scout, showman. Big hero inWyoming. (Annie Oakley /Little Sure Shot is at the present time performing in his Wild West Show)
  • Lilly Langtry – World famous singer and actress, has recently made a successful tour of the Wild West
  • Violet Chantal - Well known singer. Even wealthier than Lilly Langtry but not quite as talented and famous yet.


  • The Union Pacific Railroad passes trough south Wyoming and Cheyenne. (From San Francisco, California to Omaha, Iowa)
  • Northern Pacific Railroad passes trough northern Wyoming. (From Portland Oregon to St. Paul, Wisconsin)


  • Coal and Silver are the main minerals found in Wyoming.
  • Gold is mainly found in California, Colorado and Arizona.

Wyoming Territory

  • Administration for Wyoming Territory is located in Cheyenne.
  • Political government for Wyoming Territory is located in Colorado
  • The Governor in Wyoming Territory is Thomas Moonlight (Dem.)
  • The “capital” of Wyoming is Cheyenne

Mail and Telegraph

  • Mail may be slow and in parts of the country not totally reliable.
  • It's possible to wire for money if your finances are located in a town that has a telegraph.
  • Telegrams cost by the word.
  • All Telegraph operators have sworn professional secrecy.

Aliens and discrimination

  • Nobody likes the Chinese, and since 1882, new Chinese immigrants are banned from the country.
  • All Indians are dangerous and meeting one is almost synonymous with death. They are wild savages.
  • Mexicans are not that well liked either.
  • Black people are considered equal to whites.


  • Whores are common in all cities and can be found in brothels or as streetwalkers.
  • A whore is not a proper woman and doesn't need to be treated like one.

Other Countries

  • Everybody knows large Countries like England, France, Germany, Italy, India and Russia.
  • A lot of people have met someone from Scandinavia.


  • In rural areas educated doctors are far between, and therefore highly respected and quite expensive.
  • Gunshots to other parts than external limbs are usually lethal.
  • Laudanum is commonly used as painkiller, but it is known to be addictive when frequently used.


  • Words like darn, bastard, crap, damn, hell, bitch and shit are used sparely and never around women.
  • Words like cocksucker, cockteaser, pussy, fuck, cunt, twat and snatch are extremely vulgar and only used by whores and their likes.


  • It's to some extent accepted that single men and widowers buy sex.
  • Nude pictures are sometimes enclosed in the packages when buying tobacco.
  • Women don't have sex before they are married.


  • Chocolate bars are uncommon and expensive.
  • Everybody drinks coffee and very few people outside large cities drink Tea.


  • Magazines like Harpers Weekly, Harpers Monthly Magazine, Scientific American, Ladies Home Journal and Harpers Bazaar are read throughout the country and possible to obtain in cities.
  • Dime novels are considered easy literature, but highly popular. Often portraying heroic lawmen, dangerous outlaws and maidens in distress.
  • Educated men and women (or good readers) may have read: The portrait of a Lady (Henry James), The prince and the Pauper (Mark Twain), The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Mark Twain) and Little Lord Fauntleroy (Frances Hodgson Burnett).


  • The typewriter has been invented (1868)
  • Telephone has been invented, (1876) but is only found in larger cities on the east coast.
  • Electric light has been invented (1878) Cheyenne has electric street lights.
  • Safety bicycle (1884) with equal sized tires. (very few have seen them)