Once Upon a Time takes place at Tokerud gård in Ås kommune. It's easily accessible by car and bus.

  • Bus:
    Take SL bus number 541 to Bakker Gård (schedule here) and follow the road south until you see our signs. Here's a map.
  • Car:
    Take E6 south out of Oslo. Drive until you see the turnoff to Ås (Landbrukshøyskolen). Turn right in the first roundabout immediately after leaving the highway, then right again (sign: Rugstad) and follow the road until you see our Once Upon a Time sign. Or check out this map.
    Important: The last part of the road is close to houses and through a farmyard with children, dogs and cats around, so drive slowly and carefully.


  • ALL PLAYERS are to be on site by 18:00 Friday the 29th of July.
  • The story starts when we all wake up in Gibson on the morning of the 30th , and ends some time on the evening of Wednesday the 3rd of August.
  • Nobody leaves the larp without our go-ahead, and we expect you all to help out cleaning up after yourselves on Thursday.
  • There will be an after larp party on Friday the 5th of August. The place is a secret so far.. ;-)

What to bring? A short checklist before you leave 2005

  • Your costumes... ;-) And maybe one extra if you have reason to fear your character might end up dead…
  • Money. Norwegian coins to pay for things with real value at the larp.
  • Things to sleep in or on (sleeping bag, blankets, sleeping mat…)
  • Change of underwear
  • Comfortable shoes and warm socks (yes, it's a warm summer, but nights can still be cold)
  • Props for your character and the place you'll live the next days. It helps to set the mood if your tent actually looks lived in.
  • Things to eat with (Cup, bowl/plate, spoon, fork and knife) and cook with. There will be glasses and cutlery at the café, saloon and brothel, but you may want to eat something outside of Mrs Anderson's opening hours as well.
  • Water flask. This is important. If the weather is warm, dehydration is your worst enemy.
  • Pouches/purses etc to keep your character's things in
  • Bags, fabric or similar to keep your out-of-character things in
  • Matches, oil lamp
  • Knife
  • Rope
  • Needle and thread (you never know when your costume needs fixing)
  • Glasses / lenses + cleaning fluid
  • Medicines
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Wet tissues
  • Mosquito repellent, sunblock
  • Sanitary tampons / towels

Where do I sleep?

Most people will be sleeping in tents of various sizes, and a few will be placed in barracks. We will not provide anything else than a roof over your head. Blankets, beds and things to personalize your living quarters you have to take care of yourselves. Contact us at westernlaiv@extern.uio.no for information about your sleeping arrangements.


  • There is no lake or river at the site, so bathing will not be possible. You'll get your water from a pump. Bring enamel or zinc buckets, basins, bowls and the like to carry and keep the water in.
  • There will be several toilets on the site. Guys: If you just have to take a leak, don't fill the toilet bags with urine. Find a tree instead. Buckets of disinfectant water will be placed at all toilets to avoid germs.
  • We'll set up a contact lens- and hygiene station in a shed in town.

What about food?

The café in town will serve lunch and dinner every day. Outside of that, you'll have to make your own food. There will be fireplaces available for cooking.

Unfortunately, the café won't be able to provide a vegetarian alternative.

So how much money do I need?

  • Drinks at both the brothel and the saloon will cost 10 kroner, and a meal at the café 20 or 30. Items bought at the general store will cost approximately the same as they would in a Norwegian store.
  • We're using two kinds of money on Once Upon a Time: Game Dollars and real kroner. 1$ = 100 cents = 100 kroner. Prices will always be given in dollars or cents. Whenever you buy something that has real value (food at the café, drinks, items in the store, etc…) you pay with both game money and real money. For example, if the price given for a meal is 20c, you pay two ten-cent coins (game money) and 20 kroner (real money). If you're paying for an in-game service, you only use game money.
  • You will be given an amount of cash at the start of the larp. Your character's amount of cash limits how much real money you get to spend. For example, if you start the larp with 3$, you're not allowed to use more than 300 kroner either. If your character ends up broke after a mugging, theft, lousy game of poker or just plain stupidity, you need to find a way to improve your situation.


  • First Aid
    We'll have a first aid kit at the telegraph/organizers' ‘office'. In addition to players with basic first aid skills, one of the organizers is a paramedic. These people will all be pointed out before the larp starts.
  • Fire
    • There will be premade fireplaces spread around the game area, with water buckets and fire extinguishers close by. Nobody is to make fire anywhere else! Remember that the danger of forest fires is very big this summer. Watch those cigarettes!
    • There will be no use of open fire in the tents. No smoking, and only lamps or enclosed candles are allowed.
  • Weapons
    Some players are bringing real guns or gas/starter pistols. These are subject to stricter safety rules than simple replica weapons. Real, ‘live' weapons are not to be stolen under any circumstances. The sheriff and his deputies are allowed to confiscate such weapons, and will keep them locked up if they do. All of these weapons and their bearers will be pointed out before the larp starts. In addition, real guns and gas/starter pistols...
    • ... are not to be fired indoors
    • ... are not to be used after drinking alcohol
    • ... have a safe minimum distance of 5 meters. This also means that if you're holding someone at gunpoint, you do it with the gun uncocked and the finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard.


  • There will be no smoking in the tents you live in. The ground will most likely be dry and canvas burns easily.
  • Smoking will be allowed at the Brothel
  • Smoking will be allowed at the Saloon, but be considerate and don't light up just because someone else is having a smoke. This might change, and if Mrs Gibson says 'no smoking indoors' that's the way it's going to be.


There's alcohol at Once Upon a Time. Both the Saloon and the Brothel will be serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer and ‘whiskey' – watered down to about 10% for the alcoholic version. There's a few things to remember as a consequence of this:

  • No fighting under the influence of alcohol!
  • If you want to bring your own, check it with us first.
  • It doesn't matter if you are drunk or just playing. The serving staff and the law will treat you just the same either way. So think twice before you end up really drunk only to spend a night in jail and wake up to the sheriff's morning coffee…


We know some larpers are addicted to illegal drugs. If we catch you using any during the larp, you will be thrown right out, no money back. You will also have betrayed our trust in you, and might as well not bother signing up for any of our larps again.